Our preschool program is open to children ages 2 – 5. We believe in supporting individual personalities and abilities and helping the children develop a strong sense of self and community. A typical day consists of: choice time to explore different creative zones; developing creativity with projects; circle time; snack time; library and share time; and outside time. Preschool children take naps after lunch.


Our unique pre-kindergarten is for children aged 4- 5 entering Kindergarten the following year. Our program offers a balanced curriculum of creative ar

ts and academics to support and enhance each child’s natural curiosity. A typical day consists of: choice time to explore different creative zones; calendar to learn about days of the week, months, weather; lunch time; library; share time; writing; beginning math, science, and music; and outside time.



2017-2018 School Year Tuition

Full year is divided into 10 Monthly Payments – 1st payment due upon registration
Our school schedule follows the Fall Mountain Regional School calendar. Classes begin and end the same day as FMRS.

Number of Days 

Half Day 

AM 8:30am-11am 


Pre-K 11:30am-3pm 

Full Day 



Full Day + Extended Care 











* For returning parents, please note new rates. Rates have changed from previous years. Although we strive to keep rates down to make the school accessible to all, we also have to adjust our rates to meet increasing costs. After careful review of comparable preschools in the area, we believe are new rates continue to be competitive and fair. * If your child starts part way through the school year the monthly rate could vary from what is listed above due to the number of school days remaining in the school year.* If you have a different schedule need, please ask. If capacity allows, we welcome any combination of registration days.

** Options that include pre-registered aftercare offer discounted rates. These discounted rates only apply if you pre-registered for classes and aftercare combined. Full day, all day with aftercare rates offer an even greater discount providing our best rates possible.

To register, please download our registration forms here.

Sliding Fee Scale Scholarships Still Available

The Walpole Village School believes that all children should have access to quality early childhood education regardless of financial ability. Thus, our Board works hard to raise funds for our scholarship program. For the Fall of 2017, some scholarships will be available on a sliding fee scale. This means that families can contribute to their child's education based on their financial ability. The rest of the fees will be covered by our scholarship program. Please contact our director Jody Metcalf for more information. All scholarship information is confidential and is allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis until our available funds run out.

The Walpole Village School continues to receive grant support from Monadnock United Way to support our sliding fee scholarship program. Although the funds are limited we have scholarship support for the 2017/2018 school year. The aim is that parents within certain income blocks will be responsible for a percentage of the rate while the United Way grant covers the rest. 

Scholarships are still available. Learn more. Please email our Director Jody Metcalf at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more information. 

Thank you, Monadnock United Way!